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"All of a sudden my daughter likes playing the piano! Magic." Ruth B, parent of primary school student, ACT.

Online lessons are a convenient and increasingly popular way to pursue learning the piano.

We offer a free, no-obligation trial lesson to all enquiring students!

Students may choose to learn any style of music with our experienced and dynamic teachers including preparation for piano exams.

Our lessons are offered year-round, are flexible and competitively priced, and are held in the comfort of your own home. 

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How It Works

All you need to begin online lessons is:

your instrument  +  a device with an internet connection  +  Skype software

Your Teacher

Piano Play Online Skype Piano Lessons

Bachelor of Music Aust. Institute of Music 2008

Katie has been teaching piano for over ten years. 

Katie‚Äôs teaching style focuses on enjoyment and motivation. She offers lessons that are fun and stimulating whilst also working towards long term goals. 

All styles are covered: popular songs, classical pieces as well as preparation for piano exams. A common combination for school-aged students and adults alike is dividing the lessons into two halves, firstly concentrating on reading skills and secondly on songs of choice. 

Katie often receives very positive feedback from both students and parents. 

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Piano Play Online Skype Piano Lessons


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